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  • The ARCH screening team after a screening at the Berea Convention Center in Bennettsville, SC.
  • The Education Foundation Building is where the FMU Foundation is located at 121 S. Evander Street, Florence, SC.

Francis Marion University Outreach Program

The mission of our outreach and scholarship programs is to enrich the lives of those touched by Francis Marion University by maximizing charitable support and providing services to the University and communities across the state. The students in the Pee Dee region in particular and across the state are experiencing the strain of the economy. Most FMU students are first generation and your donation makes the dream of an education a reality for many. Our services also provide the community essential tools needed to survive.

Each year, thousands of generous benefactors make gifts to show their support of FMU. The foundation provides alumni and friends an opportunity to invest in the future of FMU, our students and community. We are making a significant impact because of the support of alumni, major corporations, and friends.

Be a part of the dream for a better life for our students and members of our community. Learn more about the foundation and our outreach programs by browsing through the pages of this website and feel free to contact us directly. Help us contribute to the education of our students and the well being of our community by making a donation and supporting our wonderful programs. We appreciate and thank you for your interest in the foundation , our outreach programs and Francis Marion University. 


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